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Patchwork Kids

Giving children a chance – with education, clothing and care

Your help – their future

Where we work

We have teams on the ground in each country that we work within, to ensure that every penny achieves maximum benefit


Providing yearly school and family support.


Providing formal education, plus vital equipment, books and clothing to children.


Pre-school and school support for the world’s largest settled Gypsy community.


a child 



only per month

Provides a single child with a year’s education plus school uniform, text and exercise books

Our Activities

Everything we do is geared to helping underprivileged and marginalised communities to provide basic education for their children from pre-school until the end of senior school – so that every child has the opportunity to benefit from the fundamental building bricks of learning – to give them a chance in life

School Equipment

It might surprise you to learn that many schools lack the most rudimentary supplies such as paper, pencils, pens, desks, chairs and tables – with your help we can give them a fighting chance

Uniform and school books

Most of the children before your sponsored support are without the most basic uniforms, school text and exercise books

School facilities

Some of the schools we support don’t even have classrooms or toilet facilities – with your help we can make life bearable for them

It takes so little to make a difference

Just sign up to our periodical updates on opportunities to sponsor children, projects to help schools and ways to participate in our initiatives

Make a Gift

A donation through Just Giving with Gift Aid allows us to direct your support to the most needy children

“Since starting Patchwork Kids in 1999, Anna Evans and I have been able to bring the gift of knowledge to hundreds of underprivileged children, so that they no longer face a future of deprivation or menial labour. We promise to make every penny that you give us count, with over 95% of donations going direct to the projects we support”

Cherrie Whittle

An investment in knowledge pays the best interest

Benjamin Franklin

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Patchwork Kids

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Just a small selection of the young children to whom we’ve been able to offer a future with knowledge – thanks to you