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In Macedonia we support children in the Little Friends Preschool and school programme in Shutka – the largest settled Gypsy community in the world

Education and equipment into some of the wildest places on earth

The places to where your support already goes

This page shows you where we’ve already supported individual children and schools with significant projects.

If you choose to help us, you’ll be contributing to similar projects.

Sponsored children

Shutka is a small neighbourhood of Skopje, home to approximately 45,000 Roma people. It’s here, on one of the dirt streets that the Little Friends preschool cares for up to 25 children.

Our sponsors have provided the basics for their pre-education  since 2009 .

Just £18 a month provides everything needed for a head-start in life.

We support the most vulnerable, who would normally be out begging on the streets, or working, instead of going to school. The preschool also provides additional support for the transition to state school; where many children will drop out early due to external pressures.

Teachers & Equipment

All children need a safe and caring environment in which to learn.

Our teachers and building at Little Friends Preschool provide just that. We have helped  create this nurturing environment by providing books, materials, teachers’ salaries, heating and food.

Without the Preschool, many Roma children in Shutka would not have a warm place to grow up in, nor the space to learn and play.

Together we’re making a difference.

Infrastructure projects

In 2016, the new home for the Little Friends preschool was finished with the help of Patchwork Kids’ sponsors.

The school still has many ongoing projects to complete and your support for these is always appreciated.

Please see the video and then ask us how you can help us to sustain this wonderful initiative..

The Shutka story…

Help where it’s needed


Just £18 per month keeps a child, fully equipped, in school for a whole year but the more you feel able to donate the more good we can do, the more children we can offer the chance of a future to.

Please do all you can to help us

It takes so little to make a difference

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