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Patchwork Kids supports the education of children in the deprived, rural areas of Kikobero and Mukono, where everything from child welfare, transport to school, uniforms and equipment to facilitate education are needed

Education and equipment into some of the wildest places on earth

The places to where your support already goes

This page shows you where we’ve already supported individual children and schools with significant projects.

If you choose to help us you’ll be contributing to similar projects.

Teachers & Infrastructure

Recruiting and retaining teachers is a major challenge for a rural school in Uganda.

Our sponsorship donations help to provide teachers with the salaries and the support they need.

We help to provide equipment, renovations and building work for the schools; as well as books and materials that the teachers and students need.

We can only sustain this programme with your ongoing support.

Sponsored children

Nestled in the hills of Mount Elgon, Eastern Uganda, Kikobero is a place where heavy rains destroy crops, mudslides threaten lives, and children are often abandoned or orphaned due to poverty-related challenges.

It is here that we have helped to build a community school and enabled orphans and children from the most vulnerable families to learn in a safe and caring environment.

Children from the most deprived areas in Uganda rarely get the opportunity to go to school, due to their family’s inability to provide for the most basic needs.

Help us give them a future worth living for.

Basic Needs

Over the years we have helped many families to survive the harsh elements of life in rural Uganda.

Where needed, we have helped children have their basic needs met by providing food during famine, sanitary pads, soap, shoes, blankets for cold nights and mosquito nets to prevent malaria.

You can elect to which projects your donations go – every gift helps.

Help to the remotest areas


Just £22 per month keeps a child fully equipped and supported in school; with school fees, uniforms, food, family support and access to high quality education.

The more you are able to donate, the more children who will have a brighter future. 

Please do all you can to help.

It takes so little to make a difference

If you don’t feel ready to donate today, why not sign up to our periodical updates on the work we’re doing and opportunities to sponsor children, projects to help schools and ways to participate in our initiatives