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We’re mainly active in the remote tribal areas of India’s central state of Madhya Pradesh where communication, let alone education, is at a premium

Education and equipment into some of the wildest places on earth

The places to where your support already goes

This page shows you where we’ve already supported individual children and schools with significant projects.

If you choose to help us you’ll be contributing to similar projects.

Sponsored children

In India we’ve already provided schooling at £10 per month (£120 per year) per child for over 300 school years to date with new schools approaching us to help them.

We provide everything – from uniforms and shoes to text and exercise books – for children whose parents can’t afford to educate their children; keeping them at home to work as the only alternative

Teachers & Equipment

We’ve supplied everything from computers, desks, chairs and books through to providing the salaries for additional teachers.

Its hard to imagine how deprived and poorly equipped many of the villages and schools are, with absentee teachers, remote and inhospitable terrain that hampers travel and communication.

Together we’re making a difference.

Buildings and Major projects

We’ve done everything from re-roof monsoon damaged classrooms to refurbishing or rebuilding complete education blocks – as well as providing power supplies, toilet facilities and general storage units where previously nothing existed.

We’re involved in tribal village relocation to help fund the moving of jungle villages into more hospitable areas.

You can elect to which projects your donations go – any gift helps.

Help to the wildest places


Just £10 per month keeps a child, fully equipped, in school for a whole year but the more you feel able to donate the more good we can do, the more children we can offer the chance of a future to.

Please do all you can to help us

It takes so little to make a difference

If you don’t feel ready to donate today, why not sign up to our periodical updates on the work we’re doing and opportunities to sponsor children, projects to help schools and ways to participate in our initiatives