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Please look at the areas below for which we constantly need support

Individual Child Sponsorship

Depending on which country you choose to sponsor a child in, you could provide a young individual, who without you will never get an education, with schooling, uniform and all workbooks for as little as £10 per month.

Please go to the ‘Countries’ pages on the main menu for more details.

School equipment

Many of our schools are no more than four bare walls, with no desks, chairs or blackboards, let alone power, computers or other more sophisticated aids. Your help can transform an inhospitable empty box into a functioning centre for education.

Just scroll to the bottom to tell us what you are able to help us with.

School buildings

Remarkably, many schools that we support lack even basic classrooms and accommodation for their children; let alone sanitary facilities or any recreational areas for inclement weather.

Any contribution you make can accumulate, with other donors support, towards building a much needed roof over our children’s heads

Village Relocation

Part of our long term strategy is supporting Forest Department initiatives to relocate tribal villages out of the jungles into locations where they can access medical and market supplies as well as obtain work and provide education for their children – tackling the problem of deprivation at source.

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A simple gift from you today could transform a young life somewhere

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