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About us and our aims

Where we’ve come from, what we’re doing and where we’re going – with your help

How we started

In 1997 Cherrie Whittle left England with her husband and two young children to set up and develop a wildlife charity in India. During their seven years in remote jungles they recognised the deplorable lack of education for marginalised and poor children in the wilderness areas of the sub-continent and so Cherrie started Patchwork Kids.

The charity was later expanded with Anna Evans who was working with deprived children in Uganda

Since 2003

Cherrie is now based In England and Anna in Macedonia, which has enabled us to expand our operations into a third country.

The charity now not only sponsors children directly but provides resources including building classrooms and sanitary facilities, supplying computers, training aids and staff salaries to ensure continuity and consistency for children’s formative years.

Why Support Us?


We’ve lived in the countries we support and have intimate knowledge of the schools that we help and the people that run them


Rest assured that 95% of all funds we receive are dedicated to the causes we support, with the absolute minimum being used for administration (costs, such as bank charges being applied by third parties and beyond our control)


With children of our own we really care about what we’re doing and who we’re helping. This isn’t a business its a vocation.